Dev Transmission (January 2023)

Hi everyone, I’m starting up a monthly post to keep you updated on cool stuff going into the game. For this first one we’ll take a look back at some of the headline additions over the last few months.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see some of the below in action then you should check out the videos we post on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. I post about three to four short videos a week at the moment.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

New Weapons!

In our Announcement Trailer we showed the Assault Rifle and Burst Pistol, while the co-op player wielded the Bolt Rifle (some of these may be placeholder names btw) and we’ve been adding more weapons. Here’s some concept art of the Shotgun:

Shotgun Concept


We’ve added some abilities to the game, my personal favourite is the Vortex Glove that throws enemies and objects back.

New Deployables!

This is our term for the traps and turrets you’d find in other TD games. I’m loving the Wall Spikes (placeholder name), they’re short-ranged but deadly. You can see that plus the Shotgun and Vortex Glove in action below:

Shotgun + Vortex Glove + Wall Spikes

New Enemies!

There’s quite a menagerie of aliens we’re building, although we’re holding off on showing these till our next big trailer (we have to keep some surprises). The eagle-eyed among you may notice some of these new enemies sneaking into a few videos I’ve posted on our various channels over the last few weeks…

New Levels!

Here’s a screenshot of one of our new levels called ‘Mess Hall’:


Other stuff!

There’s been A LOT of work on various aspects of the game:

  • We added a player Mantle ability to make traversal round the environments more fluid
  • Tons of feedback improvements to combat and the messaging around that
  • A Main Menu system – I’m really happy with how this sets the tone the moment you start the game.
  • Loadout menus for weapon/deployable/ability selection when entering levels via the pods.
  • A shutter system for stopping venting. Works whatever the size of the window:
Venting Shutters

And just for fun!

When enemy grenades are thrown at the player, you can now melee them right back. Feels especially satisfying when said grenade explodes next to a window and vents the aliens into space:

Melee grenade causes venting

An achievement waiting to happen perhaps?

(you can also repel grenades with the Vortex Glove)


Let us know your thoughts on all this! You can reach us on the Steam forums, Twitter or our Discord 🙂