The SENTRY Defence Program

For our first post, we thought we’d take a look at who you play in SENTRY and explain how that fits into our gameplay and lore.

Myriad alien threats besiege humanity and it is up to you to defend fleeing ships from capture. The crew and passengers of these civilian vessels are kept in stasis for their own safety while an autopilot attempts to evade attackers.

When aliens manage to board your ship, the SENTRY Defence Program (often abbreviated to ‘SDP’) is the best form of repelling the invaders.

This wakes crew from their stasis and deploys them to areas that are under attack.

Here’s a close-up of a SENTRY:


Crew that are activated under the SDP wear the standard-issue base layer with protective armour on top.

In order to deploy a SENTRY around the ship, special transport tubes are used:


These are where you spawn into a level.

A SENTRY is a single person (or two in co-op!) and is therefore unlikely to survive every encounter. But as long as there are remaining crew in stasis, there is always another SENTRY that can be activated.

That is why the SENTRY Defence Program needs YOU! So sign up today!